Vendor lock-in and restrictions hurt your productivity and wallet. To truly unlock your potential, you need truly accessible resources: Be it science, hardware, software or file formats.

REPLICATE lets you learn about sustainable alternatives to your digital life. We exchange ideas, tools & technology about Free Software & Open Hardware and anything in between.

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All events this semester are over. See you in the next!

Past events

TheAlternative: Introduction to Linux 14.04.2021
TheAlternative: Linux Toolbox 16.04.2021
TheAlternative: GIT 19.04.2021
How does Zoom Store Recordings? 23.04.2021
TheAlternative: web 26.04.2021
A World without Intel - Running Linux on other Architectures 28.04.2021
IT Project Management 29.04.2021
TheAlternative: PDF = PestesDateiFormat 07.05.2021

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