This semester, we'll help you install and understand Linux. Further, we guide you towards automating your workflows with the Linux Toolkit and Bash courses. We'll finish the LinuxDays with our all-new Photography talk.

All events are on premises if possible, with Zoom as a fallback.

Past events, recordings, and more about TheAlternative on

All events this semester are over. See you in the next!

Past events

TheAlternative: Introduction to Linux 14.04.2021
TheAlternative: Linux Toolbox 16.04.2021
TheAlternative: GIT 19.04.2021
How does Zoom Store Recordings? 23.04.2021
TheAlternative: web 26.04.2021
A World without Intel - Running Linux on other Architectures 28.04.2021
IT Project Management 29.04.2021
TheAlternative: PDF = PestesDateiFormat 07.05.2021
Introduction to Linux 19.10.2021
Install Event ETH 26.10.2021
Linux Toolbox 02.11.2021
Bash 04.11.2021
Privacy 09.11.2021
System Programming Workshop 11.11.2021
Window Manager Workshop 16.11.2021
Piracy 18.11.2021
Introduction to Linux 16.03.2022
Install Event 23.03.2022
Bash Scripting 30.03.2022
Console Toolkit 06.04.2022
Photography 26.04.2022
Introduction to Free Software 29.09.2022
Introduction to Linux 07.10.2022
Install Event (ETH) 10.10.2022
Console Toolkit 17.10.2022
Git and GitLab 28.10.2022
Bash Scripting 04.11.2022
Spotlight 1 - Privacy and security on phones 08.11.2022
Spotlight 2 - Backups 18.11.2022

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